What is GAPOSM
It is a Software solution that is much more than just ERP as it covers all the basic needs of an ERP plus it also covers many other facets of Business Management.
As such it is an ERP-BMS software

GAPOSM is a browser based ERP that can be accessed from anywhere and from multiple devices like your PC, Tablet or a smart phone, even a public computer. In fact you never need to be in office. Still it packs multilevel securities to safeguard your data & work.
It is a highly skilled capable software which does not need a highly skilled man power to learn, control & master. It is a complete Business Management Software, much more than a standard ERP. It de-mystifies Business and makes it simple to understand ,operate & control.
It is a result of 29 years of research & validation to cover the best practices and system of the best Companies in the world.
GAPOSM is a cloud based application & needs minimal CAPEX.
“we believe that investing in high technology should result in reducing investment in highly skilled man power”